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Have U Ever...

Have you ever....
Kissed a redhead?: no....
Jumped off a roof into a pool/lake?: nope
Been on a school sport team?: yes.
Listened to the band The Maine?: the who??
Been outside the country you live in?: yes... once.
Been iceskating?: definitley. ^^
Listened to screamo music?: NO! its sooo dang annoying.
And actually liked it?: ----------
Wished you were someone else?: everyday
Traded shoes with a friend for a day?: oh ya lots of times.
Bought a piece of clothing for over $100?: no
Gone swimming in two different oceans?: no
Snuck out of your house past 1 in the morning?: no. i'd b dead if i did. lol!
Kissed your bestfriend?: no...
Gone out with your bestfriend and got your friendship screwed up after?: big YES.
Punched someone, full-force?: ya
Wanted an ex back?: yes, right up until a series of events that could b its own blog happened.
Gone out with the same person twice?: no.
Had people dislike you without ever talking to you?: yep
Seen Old Greg on youtube?: who?
Quoted a movie/song/book/etc. in real life?: yes.
Gone for a day-long bikeride with no destination?: no but it sounds like a good idea.
Wanted to just run away from everything and everyone?: i've had those days.
Played the nervous game and gotten nervous?: whats the nervous game?
Played the nervous game and not gotten nervous?: no but i'd probably lose if i did. ^^
Liked someone in a grade lower than yours?: yes
Failed a class?: no
Gotten straight A's all year?: ya
Had a "Free Hug Friday" at your school?: no didn'[t even kno it existed.
Had a sleepover with people of the opposite gender?: no mom would die!
Had an end of school party?: no
Completly stopped talking to someone you were once really close with?: yep
Kissed someone in school?: no...
Gotten caught?: -----
Had your parents threaten to send you to bording school?: nope
Read all of the Twilight books?: no
Stolen someones boyfriend or girlfriend?: never
Waited over an hour for someone to IM you?: yes i have! lol!
Pretended to be friends with someone?: yea
Liked your bestfriends boyfriend or girlfriend?: no
Gone out with the same person for 11 months or more?: nope
Ditched your friends to hangout with someone they don't like?: no
Gotten kicked out of class for laughing too much?: no im a quiet student
Been cheated on?: no
Gone out with someone for less than a day?: no
Liked someone all of your friends hated?: yes
Thrown up in public?: why yes.... multiple times. *ick* lol!

A Bone To Pick...

all right, so i just got done reading my friend heather's blog, and found out some... (insert mean word here) called my girl FAT.*GRAWR* THE COWARD! HOW DARE HE SAY THAT!If u can't say it in someone's face, then don't say it at all! He doesn't even kno her! Just one picture and he just slams her like that! Her feelings are hurt intense-like because someone thinks she's unattractive! Oh if only the dude wasn't so far away! His clock would b cleaned that's for sure!! But alas, there's nothing i can do but complain about it here... *sigh*  im just a failure that's what i am. can't even defend a friend. i feel like swearing. i'll just leave it at that for now.  **james**
uhoh. i've ALREADY made a mistake. Add A Spice is edit post. Compliments To The Chef? would b the actual link. again, sorry bout that. james.

hai there!

hey. ^^ this is my first attempt at anything so involved so wish me luck! if u get lost by the wording on my site, nom-sharers are friends of mine, add a spice is leave a comment, and mix a drink is tag this. also, regurgitations is past entries. so here's to sucess!  *NOM* lol!

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